Residential Tenancy Application

This Webpage provides DIGITAL VERSIONS of my Residential Tenancy Application - Form 12, as well as
the Cover Letter plus 10 Attachments explaining and supporting my REASONING or SEENergies.


They are provided for DOWNLOAD if needed, and for
the global Public to learn about the LACK of FAIRNESS and TRANSPARENCY in the processes / procedures affecting tenants living in Western Australia when renting properties.


Document 1 - Application Form
Uploaded Y17-200;
17-200 RentIssue-ApplicationForm-FeeRece[...]
PDF-Dokument [246.3 KB]
Document 2 - Reasons For Application - Orders Required
Uploaded Y17-200;
17-200 RentIssue-ReasonsForApplication-O[...]
PDF-Dokument [851.3 KB]
Document 3 - Enclosure Documents 01 to 05 of 10
Uploaded Y17-200;
17-200 RentIssue-Documents01to05of10-PDF[...]
PDF-Dokument [511.5 KB]
Document 4 - Enclosure Documents 06 to 10 of 10
Uploaded Y17-200;
17-200 RentIssue-Documents06to10of10-PDF[...]
PDF-Dokument [563.8 KB]

I include a time-stamped snapshot of the Electricity Meter for U6.

Document 5 - Pre-Trial Meeting 1 - Form 15
Done on Y17-201;
Uploaded on Y17-207;
17-201 PER-RSTN-9854-2017-Form15-PDF - C[...]
PDF-Dokument [66.2 KB]

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