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M  omentary     ( P  ersonal )
E  arthonaut      ( I  dentity )


11 About2of2SEENergy.pdf
Explanatory SEENergy of H.A.S. B.E.E.N.
11 About2of2SEENergy.pdf
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S  ocietally,
P  eople
A  ccept
C  ustoms
E  quating
S  hame


The OWNERSHIP of the SOLAR SYSTEM including Planet Earth, i.e. oceans and soils, goes to Cosmic Evolution ....


The hypocrisy and lies spoken and written by people on Planet Earth are truly unbearable for scientively thinking brains.
( 17-252 EYEday22:00 )



80 SEENergy1of2.pdf
S cientive
L and
A llocation
P olicy
80 SEENergy1of2.pdf
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B  y K  ilobytes
I   nvestigation,

O  f

B  EEN R  eally
L  ogic A  rchaic
E  vading N  otions
S  cience  
  A  rchaic
G  iving L  ogic
O  r L  imiting
D  elivering A  wareness
S  hame H  opelessly
SEE also S.L.A.P. above! SEE also S.L.A.P.
"SEENeum" is a
derivative of the
word "MUSEUM".
( 17-140 TENday20:20 ) ( 17-189 NONday20:20 )



P  erception -
O  ur
I  nternally
N  atural
T  eacher ( T  rainer )


One CANNOT multiply RESOURCES - wealth - by dividing them; yet, one CAN multiply LIFE - wealth - by dividing RESOURCES fairly.


Cosmic SEENergy = PROOF that really counts.  Brainy SEENergy has great difficulties to understand Cosmic SEENergy.

Cosmic SEENergy
challenges and evolves
Brainy SEENergy.

ALLAH, or GOD(S), or etc. =
leap of thoughts ( logical thinking ).


T  hreads
I  dentifying
M  alpractices
E  volutionarily


Earthonaut Franz - in short - does not BELIEVE in any GODS.  How REAL will ALLAH, or GOD, or any other GODS ever become in the real COSMOS?

THEY ALL will only become ever as real as a THOUGHT in the BRAIN of a person can become real - not less but also not more than that.

In other words, Allah or God, or any other Gods HAD ONLY BEEN IN THE INK EVER when our ancestors put their thoughts onto paper or other mediums centuries ago.


Of course, those ancestors were the more intelligent ones in BEENergy.  However, due to a lack of modern scientive tools they could NEVER get it correct regarding the cosmic reality.
Since the last century, due to the effort of many more brains over the centuries - particularly the science of space exploration - it became A FACT that RELIGION has become just another HOBBY for people to meet other people for socialising.


Earthonaut Franz respects the tendency of other brains to pursue the idea or notion of RELIGION, yet I will not spend the few cosmic moments left to me in this ever fascinating COSMOS on archaic logic.

For me, working towards an officially global language depicts a more important endeavour than wasting my most valuable asset - namely TIME - on religion.
It is important to know one's brainy place in the cosmos of S.K.E.W., namely Skills, Knowledge, Experience and Webbing.


"Cosmic Evolution" is the preferred scientively verbal
explanation of REALITY because brainy SEENergy clearly
experiences and lives TIME - that is cosmic moments.

Brainy and cosmic SEENergy explain where Cosmic
Evolution takes us, i.e. you and me.  It evolves us cosmic moment by cosmic moment into XEENergy, SEENergy and BEENergy due to imperfect cosmically energetic  processes suffering from nanocosmic losses of energy and matter from one reality into another reality.


Earthonaut ....

Franz'es ....

SEENergies ....


Always With You ....


Cosmic Evolution is active
any DAY and NIGHT, even



Immer Mit Dir ....

Kosmische Evolution arbeitet
Tag und Nacht, auch an
Sonn- und Feiertagen:

w  hat
w  onderful
w  orld

B  rainily
E  xperienced
E  nergies
N  orm
e  valuations,
r  eadily
g  uiding
y  ou
A  ny
T  ime



Processing BEENergy,
Learning SEENergy,
Evolving XEENergy.




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