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W  andering
E   arthonauts,

L   iving

C  osmically

O  ffers
M  any

E  volutions ( = finite Existences, or SEENergies )

A   s
W  e
E   xperience
S   EENergetically
O   mnipresently
M   oving
E    nergies


to the

o    ne
d    ay
y    our
s    elf

S    imply
S    EENergies

of Cosmic Evolution .... which
can be described as follows:


BEENergy depicts PAST SEENergy,
XEENergy depicts FUTURE
SEENergy depicts NOW, or TIMESPACE;
NOW = t(3D) or 3D(t)
t = Time, D = Dimension(s).


In short, cosmic SEENergy is the smallest and
shortest possible moment in TimeSpace but also -
at the same time - the largest and longest possible
cosmic moment in TimeSpace.

Natural compression and expansion limits within
the C.O.S.M.O.S. - i.e.
electromagnetic elasticity -
make sure that TimeSpace or
cosmic SEENergy,
NOW, always is of a FINITE NATURE.
Electromagnetic elasticities ARE the SEENergetic
builders, creators or makers of the

Cosmic Evolution =
Definition 1:
{ BEENergy, SEENergy, XEENergy } !!!!
Definition 2:
{ DONE, NOW, AHEAD } !!!!
In other words, the
DNA of Cosmic Evolution
are the
EVOelectromagnetically elastic moments
of BEENergies, SEENergies, and XEENergies:

M  etaEnergies
O  f
M  aterials ( Atoms & their subatomic particles )
E  volvingly
N  orming
T  imeSpaces
S  EENergetically


As a participant in the TimeSpace-Processes, or
'ZeitRaum-Prozesse' in German, of
Cosmic Evolution - which uses the perpetuum mobile of electromagnetic
elasticity having energetic CAUSES with EFFECTS -
Earthonaut Franz SEENergetically experiences the

C  ollections   C  arries
f               O  n
S  EENergies  S  EENergetically
M  aking        M  aking
O  ther          O  ther
S  EENergies  S  EENergies

biomotionally changingly, daily or timely.
Cosmic Evolution depicts a perpetuum mobile because
it cannot reach a temperature value of zero (0) Kelvin!!!!

Zero(0) KELVIN depicts the theoretical COMPRESSION
LIMIT of TimeSpace, i.e. of electromagnetic elasticity.

It CANNOT be reached practically by the C.O.S.M.O.S. itself, as well as in Scientively Experimental Evolution.

In other words, the C.O.S.M.O.S. will NEVER 'stand still'
or disappear as the possible cosmic F.O.R.C.E.S. cannot
become Nil or Zero(0) Newton + Nil or Zero (0) KELVIN
DEGREES in TimeSpace, or


"NOW" always is greater than NIL or ZERO in value -
whatever crucial value one can think of - in reality!


Hence, SEENergetically the understanding awakens that
TimeSpace - i.e.
cosmic SEENergy - is of FINITE SIZE
or VOLUME but not infinite in volume, albeit it is a HUGE
VOLUME in relation to the known particles making up
the C.O.S.M.O.S. 
As the particles in the C.O.S.M.O.S.
are of a FINITE NATURE due to electromagnetic elasticity,
also the size or volume of the C.O.S.M.O.S. can only be
of a finite nature or reality.

In other words, the compression limit of TimeSpace
also sets an expansion limit automatically because the
temperature in the present C.O.S.M.O.S. cannot reach
nil or zero (0) degrees Kelvin, but also not an indefinite
high, or an limitless upper temperature value, of degrees
Kelvin [ degK ].

Infinite expansion or infinite cosmic size or volume would
mean that the temperature in the C.O.S.M.O.S. will drop
or fall below nil or zero (0) degrees Kelvin.

Cosmic Evolution truly is an astonishingly natural perpetuum mobile for the time being due to the limited
capabilities of our SENSES, the brain's processing power
limitations, and the limitations of scientive measuring


NOW, or TimeSpaces [t(3D)], evolve by the compression
and expansion limits of electromagnetic elasticity
present in EVERY 
cosmic object - either subatomic or
plasma, atomic, or molecular, or biological nature.
BEENergy becomes the CAUSE,
SEENergy the EFFECT!
By TIME or electromagnetic elasticity, then
becomes the 
CAUSE, and XEENergy the EFFECT ....

Cosmic Evolution's perpetuum mobile is regulated by
DIFFERENCES which result from the varieties of the existing cosmic 
SEENergies, i.e. chemical elements!


E (EVOelectromagnetic Elasticity) = m x c2
m = mass of matter [kg],
c2 = speed of light [c]



TIME (t) results from what Newton called GRAVITY or
- I like to call it -
EVOelectromagnetic elasticity which
depicts an EFFECT due to several cosmic F.O.R.C.E.S..

SPACE results from three (3) cosmic SEENergies,
namely the strong and weak nuclear forces, and
EVOelectromagnetism ALL having cosmic EVOelasticity.

Hence, we live in TimeSpace [t(3D)]. SPACE inherently
creates TIME, and vice versa, in short: t(3D) = 3D(t)!!!! 


Albert Einstein used the term or word "RAUMZEIT" in
German, which literally is "SPACETIME" in English.
Yet, I prefer the term or word 'TIMESPACE' because
TIME is easier to grasp or understand nowadays then
SPACE which is made up of nanocosmic structures that
cannot easily be sensed by Earthonauts, SPACE requires
sophisticated scientive measuring instruments or tools.

Many people talk about SPACE but do not actually grasp
or understand it.  They actually refer to people-made VOLUME but not COSMIC SPACE.  In colloquial language
SPACE often means not COSMIC SPACE but people-made
VOLUME.  Yet in science, the terms SPACE and VOLUME
are not the same.  VOLUME is a purely brainy or people-
made SEENergy.

Also, nowadays people-made ENERGY is easier to grasp
or understand than COSMIC SPACE - it is easier to grasp
kWh then ATOMS & their subatomic particles.

Hence, my definition of Cosmic Evolution focuses on 
ENERGY & SEEiNg but not SPACE.

Cosmic TIMESPACE actually is non-countable or non-
quantifiable energetic
moments or SEENergies which cannot be sensed in full detail by Earthonautic brains!!!!


The { SET of cosmic objects } changes by the cosmic

moment(s), gaining new cosmic characteristics and energies, and hence different cosmic SEENergies, too.
The sensory brain - in teamwork with the EYES or all
senses generally - is able to perceive
some of these
cosmically evolutionary quanta with the help of today's
and tomorrow's scientive measuring instruments and


T   echnically                  ( T   HIS )
I   s                               ( I   s )
M  aterial                       ( M  y )
E   VOelectromagnetism  ( E   xperience )



In other words,
 BEENergy, or (NOW-1), was replaced by
SEENergy, i.e. NOW, which is made up of a huge {SET}
of parallelly occurring cosmic processes.
However, at any cosmic moment the human body is as
new, or
NOW, as it ever can be during its short cosmic dasein or existence in the Solar System.  The cosmic
SEENergy of the body's atomic and molecular structures evolved.  It takes TIME to FEEL and SEE the minutely
nanocosmic changes that 
happened in a biomassic body
on Earth at time tnow ( EVOelectromagnetic elasticity).


S  cientively (= SEENergetically)
E  njoy
E  nergetic (= Evolutionary)
N  ature
e  veryday -
g  uiding ( g iving  &  g raving )


C.O.S.M.O.S. - the most evolutionary SEENergy

science will ever describe, find, and research ...
The most significant
real evolutionary moments (tx)
for Earthonauts 
are { BEENergy, SEENergy, XEENergy }.


Earthonaut Franz Friedrich Schnattler
on -07-313 ARTday ( seenCALENDAR )

A SUNLIGHT's and planet Earth's child - in short, that is Earthonaut Franz - expresses newly spoken and written
cosmically evolutionary SEENergies.


S  olarly
C  osmic
H  euristics
N  otions
A  lphabetically
T  houghts,

T  imely (t)
L  inking
E  xperienced
R  eflections [ t(3D) ]

Where there is MASS, or EVOelectromagnetic elasticity,
SUNLIGHT, there also is Cosmic Evolution and its
When I look up towards the 'SKY' by 'day and night',
I SEor reason that Earthonauts are another possible
timely reality due to EVOelectromagnetic elasticity in
evolving C.O.S.M.O.S.:


T  his
I   s
M  y
E  veryday
S  ensual
P  erception
A  bout

C  osmically
E  volutionary ( i.e. E  VOelectromagneticallyelastic )
S  EENergies [ t(3D) ]

C.O.S.M.O.S. = { TimeSpaces } = { t(3D) } !!!!

No other form of experience is so personal as Cosmic
with its cosmic SEENergies being abstracted
in the human brain as
brainy SEENergies, evolvingly
resulting in cosmic
S.K.E.W. - that is

S   kills,
K   nowledge,
E   xperience, and
W  ebbing.

The evolving S.K.E.W. is applied to real-life situations
by the human brain, which guides the human body by
actions and thinking.
Many Earthonauts feel and think with astonishment
and eagerness about the
evolving C.O.S.M.O.S.
Their brains realise after a while that their double-helix
DNA has in-built
TIME-regulating SPACE - or SEENergy.

The loss-laden CAUSE-EFFECT DYNAMIC of TimeSpace
transforms the C.O.S.M.O.S. SEENevolutionarily.


BEENergy - that is past SEENergy - reasonably helps and supports us to make and norm provisions - that is S.K.E.W. - for XEENergy, or future SEENergy.


Synthesizing brainy and cosmic BEENergy, SEENergy and XEENergy, Earthonaut Franz regards his verbal writings not
as an account of story telling but as
reflections of cosmic forces which
 but an evolving perpetuum mobile [ t(3D) ].

S  olar
E  nergies ( EVOelectromagnetic Elasticities )
E  xcite
N  erve
e  nergies, ( i.e. atomic molecules )
r  eadily
g  enerating
i   nferentially ( i   ncrementally )
e  volutionary

S  EENergies

SPACE ( Energies, Matter )  = the cosmic CAUSE,
TIME = one cosmic EFFECT or MOMENT of SPACE besides others ====>  TIMESPACE(S) [ t(3D) ]

GRAVITY = another cosmic EFFECT
Gravity = "EVOelectromagnetic Elasticity"!!!!
SPACE [ t(3D) ] ALWAYS is the CAUSE.

to LESS MASSIVE SPACES due to EVOelectro-

Scientists do not understand, and Isaac Newton did not
understand, what the
effect 'GRAVITY' is indeed in the SET
of cosmic events.  Hence, they fail to produce what is
commonly called by them the THEORY OF EVERYTHING,


T  imeSpacely
H  onest
E  valuation:

T  heory
O  f
E  verything

S  EENergized.
( No
TOES, no Exploration, no SEENergy, no Theory )

When brainy SEENergy lacks S.K.E.W., then
THEORY(-ies) will also lack
S  kills, K  nowledge, E  xperience, W  ebbing )

The problem with GRAVITY - or correctly - body-centered
EVOelectromagnetic elasticity is that it is observable ONLY
indirectly, namely by its effects.
It deforms cosmic
SEENergies and suppresses zero-gravity
form or shape of cosmic
SEENergies.  However, it is not
the only EFFECT that can evolve changing

GRAVITY - i.e. EVOelectromagnetic elasticity -
effects - or shows - the evolutionary NON-EQUALITY
of ENERGETIC MASSES having non-equal amounts of
atoms or particles and non-equal bonding energies.
In other words, EVOelectromagnetic elasticity means

ENERGY DIFFERENCES or DIFFergy(-ies) in masses
 DIRECTIONALLY cosmic SEENergy(-ies).

SPACES - that is the existence of all particle sizes -
automatically produce the effects or phenomena
of EVOelectromagnetic elasticity, called gravity by others.

In every shortest-smallest cosmic moment the evolving
C.O.S.M.O.S. is indeed
whose cosmically energetic age is just a fraction of the man-made SECOND!
Suddenly and surprisingly, the human brain becomes
aware of brainy
SEENergies that there is cosmic or evolutionary TIME AND people-made TIME.

Evolutionary TIME is determined by cosmic workings
of ATOMS and their molecular group-behaviour which
is evolvingly stimulated by
external t(3D)-fields (i.e. energy, mass)    and their
internal t(3D)-fields (i.e. energy-mass),
resulting in non-countable finite t(3D)-
also having the effect of TIME in 3-DIMENSIONS


TimeSpace DILATORY EFFECTS readily happen at varying
speeds at varying locations.  For example, every
brain or DNA is an example of TIMESPACE-DILATATION.
The difference in
SEEiNg, or understanding, the evolving C.O.S.M.O.S. by human brains is caused by the cosmic process of TIMESPACE-DILATATION.
Due to TIMESPACE, SPACE-DILATATION also is a cosmic
reality.  DILATATION also happens at low speeds.
In other words, the existence of just TWO brains already
introduces SPACE&TIME-DILATATION by nature.

Human brains can be regarded as a { SET } of TIME-

SPACE-DILATORY PROCESSES working with different cosmic speeds, or velocities, at different locations.
The combined or fusioned force fields of the many
YOU plus your brainy SEENergy(-ies).


I like to call the set of brainy SEENergies in the
brain "
SEENeum" - the invisible 'museum' in the
brain of each Earthonaut or Person

the Solar System, The Milky Way, the C.O.S.M.O.S., or
YOU, and whatever one can imagine due to S.K.E.W..
WE are evolving TimeSpaces oscillating synchronically
to the rhythm of Solar Energy produced by the Sun AND
positioned by Earth's EVOelectromagnetic elastic fields -
which are important directionally
SEENergetic effects.
Even "GRAVITY" - more accurately EVOelectromagnetic
elasticity -
 is a
SEENevolutionary effect because its
value evolves - i.e. it will change on Earth in XEENergy.


The word "NOTHING" is SEENergetically LESS
in meaning AND value than the term "BEENergy".
"NOTHING" is unknown to
Cosmic Evolution!
Y19-D076 CHIday @12:00


F  uture
O  f
R  uling
C  osmic
E  volution
S  EENergized
Y19-D112 EYEday @ 08:00


'MEMOry' times 'eneRGY' gives 'BEENorgy'.
BEENorgy depicts a cosmically energetic variant of BEENergy, or past SEENergy.  It is the backbone of
your unique
SEENeum, or society's SEENeum.

NO Earthonaut or Person knows the REAL COSMIC AGE,
hence the SUM of cosmic moments of TIME
The real cosmic AGE of objects in the C.O.S.M.O.S. is
the SUM of the shortest cosmic moments [ t(3D) ].



My DOUBLE-HELIX DNA memorizes brainy and cosmic
SEENergies in the energetically evolving C.O.S.M.O.S.
SEENevolution or BEENorgy as stated below came
into existence in
Earthonaut Franz'es brain:

L  abours ( LOVE is included )
I  ntegratively ( I  ncrementally )
F  uture
E  nergies
( powered by the EVOelectromagnetic elasticity of
  the SUN's and EARTH's energy-mass fields )


G  oing

O  nto
O  ur
D  estination

B  eyond
Y  early
E  volution


T  imeSpace [ t(3D) ]
I  s
L  ost
L  astingly


D  ifferential (= small changes in the life of cells)
E  volution
A  lters
T  imeSpaces [ t(3D) ]
H  euristically


LANGUAGE builds multi-reflectingly interconnected EXPERIENCES, KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS that allow
the atomically molecularly human brain to
WEB brainy
SEENergies into spoken, visual and written SEENergies,
which are derived from
 cosmic SEENergies evolvingly.

Language acts as a naturally cosmic interface, linking
S.K.E.W. of many TimeSpaces into more diverse
and numerous brainy
SEENergies timely.

T  reasured
H  onour
A  nd
N  umerously
K  inky
S  EENergies

for visiting "http://www.BEENergy.at".


Last Updated:
Year 22 - Day 265 SUNday, 05:00 AWST;

Evolving Time-Space = .... Milky Way - Sun - Earth:
115.84degrees East, 31.90degrees South ....


Cosmic Evolution <===> {BEENergy, SEENergy, XEENergy}


Always With You ....

Cosmic Evolution
is FELT and SEEN
timely ....


E  ncode
Y  our
E  nvirotive
S  EENergies


S  tunningly
E  asily
E  xplains
N  ature's
e  volutions -
r  eadily
g  uiding
y  ou


Cosmic Evolution is

evolutionarily active
even on people-made


Immer Mit Dir ....

Kosmische Evolution
arbeitet evolutionaery
jeden "Tag und Nacht", sogar auch an jedem
Feiertag und Urlaubstag
gemacht von Menschen.


Earthonaut Franz
expierences evolvingly
LIFin the C.O.S.M.O.S.
due to 
Cosmic Evolution
within the 'Milky Way'.


  w  hat
  w  onderful
  w  orld

  B  rainily
  E  xperienced
  E  nergies
  N  orm
  e  valuations -
  r  eadily
  g  uiding
  y  ou

  A  ny
  T  ime

  P  rogressing


AT = A
ny Time
D.O.T. = Derivative
              Of Time




Processing BEENergy,
Learning SEENergy,
Evolving XEENergy.


  E  xperiences
  A  nd
  R  easonable
  N  otions
  I   ndeed
  N  aturally
  G  overn


  R  easoningly
  S  EENergetic
  A  nd
  R  eporting
  C  ognitive
  H  euristics


  T  ogether
E  arthonauts
A  ccomplish
M  ore
W  ork,
O  utcomes,
R  eviews,
K  nowledge ...


  C  osmic
H  euristic
  A  nd
R  ational
L  ogic
E  volved
S  cientive

D  ebate
A  nswering
R  ealistically
W hat
I  s
N  ature?".


  M  olecularly
  A  tomically
  S  tructural
  S  EENergy(-ies)



  P  ersons
  O  f
  P  oor
  E  yesight,
S  adly
( SEE also Day 135  )
( of


  A  nyone
  L  acking
  L  earning
  A  ppreciates
  H  ELL
SEE also Days   )
( 007 and 008 of )
( seenCALENDAR )


  H  uman
  E  goisms
  L  acking
  L  earning


  F  eelings
  A  nd
  I  maginations
  T  ransgressing
  H  onesty
( Why? -                   )

SEE Day 011         )
( of
seenCALENDAR;  )
( The religious ones   )  
( should have gone    )
( to the optometrists. )



In German:

Von jetzt an sollen

fuer sich selbst
S T E R B E N   und nur
eine t(3D)-
der beiden zusammen
soll evolutionaere
bewahren - naemlich

ist keine DIMENSION!!!!



In English:

From now onwards,
separate entities shall
D I E and ONLY the

SEENergetic t(3D)- SYNTHESIS of the
two shall maintain its

NATURE - namely

TIME is not



A  ccomplished
L  ogic
B  oosted
E  arthonaut's
R  easoning
T  hrough

E  xplanations
I   nferring
N  otionally
S  cientively
T  imeSpace's [t(3D)]
E  xistence
I  n
N  ature


LIFE only is a small

away - the evolvingly

SEENergetic SUN.


S  olarly
E  xplosive
E  ndings
N  aturally
e  volve
r  ealities
g  raving (
& g  iving )
y  ou
SUNday @13:13

It is NOT
it is
in the Solar System
and the Milky Way,
and so on,


R  eadily




{Cosmic Evolution} =
= {
C.O.S.M.O.S. x

C.O.S.M.O.S. =
= C
ollections Of
SEENergies Making
Other SEENergies;
F.O.R.C.E.S. =
= F
uture Of Ruling
Cosmic Evolution

Y19-109 NONday @19:00

Cosmic Evolution -
many nanocosmic realities of FORCES
that will end the Earthian DAY and PLANET, shredding
it into sub-atomic particles producing
solar light, or solar
EENergy, and all
other cosmic events.


Religion depicts
the practice and theory
of least research in the

C.O.S.M.O.S. over time.
Y18-D282 EYEday @ 06:00


Cosmic Evolution
EVEN does it BEST
when it comes to

P  eople
E  xiting
A  s
C  osmic
E  xistence!

PEACE - what a lovely
word it is indeed!

Earthian Franz
is doing this worthy
language statement
in remembrance of the
lost cosmic nature(s)
on planet Earth due to
G  reed
A  nd
M  oney
E  veryday.


T  his

M  y

S  ummarized:
P  articles ( & P  eople)
A  re
C  osmically
E  volving
S  EENergies;

A   tomic
R   ealities
E   ventually
W  ill
E   nd
L   ingering
L   ife



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