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W  andering
E  arthonauts,

L  iving

C  osmically

O  ffers
M  any

E  volutions

to the odysSEES of
Cosmic Evolution ....


BEENergy depicts PAST SEENergy.


As a participant in the Time-Space-
Processes - or Zeit-Raum-Prozesse -
Cosmic Evolution - which uses the
perpetuum mobile of CAUSE and
EFFECT - I experience the
bio-motionally changingly timely ...


I   nstantly
M  issing
E  vidence


S  imply
E  njoy
E  nergetic (= Evolutionary)
N  ature
e  veryday,
g  uiding


Earthonaut Franz Friedrich Schnattler
on -07-313 ARTday ( seenCALENDAR )

A SUNLIGHT'S child - that is Earthonaut Franz in short -

expresses newly cosmically evolutionary SEENergies.
Where there is
SUNLIGHT, there is Cosmic Evolution.

A  lways,
E  volution
I   s
O  pen
U  ncovering (= putting on
cosmic SEENergies timely).

When I look up towards the SKY by night, I SEor reason
that Earthonauts are a timely reality of the evolving C.O.S.M.O.S.:


T  his
I   s
M  y
E  veryday
S  ensual
P  erception
A  bout

C  osmically
E  volutionary
S  EENergies

We are one possible reality or one possible TIME-SPACE
within the

C  ollections
O  f
S  EENergies
M  aking
O  ther
S  EENergies.

No other form of experience is so personal as Cosmic
with its timely SEENergies being abstracted
in the human brain as
brainy SEENergies, evolvingly
resulting in
S.K.E.W. - that is Skills, Knowledge,
Experience, and Webbing.  The evolving S.K.E.W. is
applied to real-life situations by the human brain.

Many Earthonauts feel and think with astonishment and
eagerness about the evolving C.O.S.M.O.S..  Their brains
realise that their double-helix DNA has in-built
SEENergy - which is THE significantly cosmic EFFECT of EVOLUTION - in common with the TIME-SPACE 'COSMOS'.


Earthonaut Franz lives and investigates Cosmic Evolution.

BEENergy - that is past SEENergy - reasonably helps and
supports us to make and norm provisions - that is
S.K.E.W. - for XEENergy, i.e. some future SEENergy.


Committed to the long-standing REALITY of brainy and
cosmic BEENergy, Earthonaut Franz regards his verbal
not as an account of story telling but as a timely
reflection on
Cosmic Evolution, which IS NOT some

S  olar
E  nergies
E  xcite
N  erve
e  nergies,
r  eadily
g  enerating
i   nferentially
e  volutionary

S  EENergies

SPACE ( Energy, Matter )  = the cosmic CAUSE,
TIME = the cosmic EFFECT;
====>  TIME-SPACE(S)
GRAVITY = another cosmic EFFECT but NOT

GRAVITY effects or shows the IMBALANCE of MASSES having energy and are located CLOSE
In other words, GRAVITY represents a
DIFFERENCE in energy - or DIFFergy - giving cosmic EFFECTS of DIRECTIONAL SEENergy(-ies).

In every shortest cosmic moment the C.O.S.M.O.S.
is indeed
A NEW or MODIFIED C.O.S.M.O.S. whose
cosmically energetic age is just a fraction of a man-made
SECOND!  The human brain suddenly becomes aware of
the fact that there is
cosmic or evolutionary TIME and
human or man-made TIME.  Cosmic or evolutionary
TIME is determined by the workings of ATOMS and their
group-behaviour, also known as MOLECULES, which are
stimulated by external 4D-energy fields of other cosmic matter and their own 4D-internal energy fields.


The C.O.S.M.O.S. is largest possible reality of the cosmic
process known as
TIME-SPACE DILATORY EFFECTS can happen at varying speeds at varying locations.  For example, every
human brain is an example of TIME-SPACE-DILATION.
The difference in
SEEiNg or understanding the evolving C.O.S.M.O.S. by human brains is caused by the cosmic process of TIME-SPACE-DILATATION.
Due to the reality of TIME-SPACE, SPACE-DILATATION
also is a cosmic reality.  DILATATION also happens at
low speeds.  In other words, the existence of just TWO
brains already introduces SPACE-DILATATION as well as

human brain can be regarded as a SET of TIME-

SPACE-DILATORY PROCESSES working with different cosmic speeds, or velocities, and locations.
The combined or fusioned force fields of these TIME-SPACE-DILATORY PROCESSES result in 
Yes, indeed, THEY GIVE YOU.
Namely, YOU as an evolving TIME-SPACE oscillating synchronically to the rhythm of Solar Energy produced
by the Sun AND positioned by Earth's directional

SEENergy - also called GRAVITY.


NO Earthonaut knows the REAL COSMIC TIME of the
evolving C.O.S.M.O.S., which is the whole { SET } of
TIME-SPACES of the shortest possible cosmic moment!


AT  =  Any  Time

D.O.T.  =  Derivative  OTime

G  oing
O  nto
O  ur
D  estination

B  eyond
Y  early
E  volution


My DOUBLE-HELIX DNA has had brainy and cosmic SEENergy in common with the timely evolving
C  ollections
O  f

S  EENergies
M  aking
O  ther

S  EENergies.


LANGUAGE is a 5-dimensional EXPERIENCE building
SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE that allow the atomically human
brain to
WEB evolvingly cosmic SEENergies into spoken
and written brainy
SEENergies.  Thereby, language acts
as a cosmic interface, linking the
S.K.E.W. of human
TIME-SPACES and allowing for team-based

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Cosmic Evolution <===> {BEENergy, SEENergy, XEENergy}


Always With You ....


Cosmic Evolution is active
any DAY and NIGHT, even



Immer Mit Dir ....

Kosmische Evolution arbeitet
Tag und Nacht, auch an
Sonn- und Feiertagen:


w  hat
w  onderful
w  orld

B  rainily
E  xperienced
E  nergies
N  orm
e  valuations,
r  eadily
g  uiding
y  ou
A  ny
T  ime



Processing BEENergy,
Learning SEENergy,
Evolving XEENergy.





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